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A fast growing metalwork fabrication company local to K. A. Stripp Ltd had constructed a new
factory, and asked for our assistance to provide a renewable heating system capable of heating and
cooling for the factory floor.


Cascade 6 x Nibe F2040-16 kw Air source heat pumps together to give a combined output capable of
heating the factory floor, toilet and showering blocks.

Heat emitters chosen to give good heat outputs along with the cooling facility were a combination of
Jaga Briza and Jaga high level unit heaters.

Toilet and shower areas had standard Stelrad compact radiators fed by stainless steel pipework
Heating zones were split into two areas on the factory floor and a separate zone for the toilet and
shower areas, all controlled by simple to operate Heatmiser Neostats.

Hot water was provided from a 300 litre Joule High gain unvented hot water cylinder with a
secondary hot water circuit controlled via a timed control and PIR sensors.

Pipework was a combination of copper, stainless steel and Multilayer plastic (Uponor) with all
pressed type fittings.

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