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A new sports and social club that was part funded by the council, but mainly by local residents. 

We installed a Thermia three phase air source heat pump providing heating and hot water through a standard convector radiator type system.


One of the main priorities here was provision of adequate hot water at weekends for showers after the football matches. The site had a limited water supply pipe, and to upgrade to a supply pipe large enough to accommodate 10 simultaneous showers would have been very expensive. 

As the club had limited funds, we came up with a simple yet effective solution to this problem by installing 3 x 500L Cold Stream accumulator vessels. This is a far better solution to break tanks and pump sets because it cheaper and more hygienic.

Another very effective but not expensive addition to the club's hot water requirements was to introduce a simple solenoid valve on one of the hot water cylinder outlets. This meant that during the week when hot water usage was low, only one hot water cylinder would be in operation. This simple solution makes for a more financially efficient and environmentally friendly system.

Additions to projects like these are why KA Stripp Ltd should be your choice, since we go beyond the simple install and provide bespoke, tailored solutions.

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